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Making Work Good for Your Health

Our mission at ReSpace is to artfully craft products that turn your workspace into an inspiring place where great work gets done.    
Our computers are incredible things – they help us get work done, offer great entertainment, and make learning easier. However, spending over 4 hours a day on a computer causes physical strains on the body like ‘tech neck’, digital eye strain, and bad posture. Over time, those strains can turn into chronic pain, headaches, herniated discs, poor vision, and increased stress levels.  
Studies show that the right workspace setup can defend against those physical strains and make work a more enjoyable part of our day. So, after seeing so many unappealing metal contraptions, our team set out to create laptop stands that improve posture and are a delight to look at all day.  
Products with Purpose 
For every product that is purchased, one tree is planted. All of our materials come from sustainable sources in Europe, but our duty to Mother Nature goes beyond just taking from the earth sustainably. We give back by donating one tree for every purchase to help reforest our planet. You get an awesome product; the planet gets another living organism.  

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Got a laptop stand with a cushion for my wife (she works remotely now). A week later ordered another one for myself! Great product for the price.
First thing, it looks very nice on my desk. What about its functionality... well, working became a pleasure for me now.
Love the design of this... Was touching the wooden surface for an hour, so smooth and pleasant.
Highly recommend this stand to everyone! Literally saved my back.

About us 

Like the story behind every amazing product out there, we saw a problem and felt the need to fix it. Our problem was that our workspaces were uninspiring, uncomfortable, and disorganized. So, we worked together to create sophisticated, sustainable, and productivity-improving products that make the workday feel like a breeze. Simplicity and natural materials are at the heart of what we do, and we promise to continue creating products that align with those values. Stay tuned to see what new products are launched this year!